Adventure packs for kids aged 7-11, delivered to your door each month, brought to you by The Royal British Legion.

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Mission Adventure is The Royal British Legion’s monthly subscription pack teaching kids exciting new skills they can use in their own adventures. 

Learn a new skill each month, such as navigation or bushcraft.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors, with up to 4 hours of fun.

Encourages independent learning, with limited help needed from adults.

What is in each monthly pack?

1. collectible tool

Useful for each month's new adventure. For example, a compass helping you to navigate, or a UV pen teaching you the art of secret communication! These are yours to keep.

2. A New Adventure

Three activities teaching your child adventure skills through play.  Learn to navigate treasure hunts, crack secret codes, and practice stargazing.

3. A Trusty Guidebook

All of the instructions your child needs to go on their monthly adventure and a place to capture their memories and findings.

Mission Adventure has been designed with kids aged 7 - 11 years and been given kids and parents stamp of approval!

How does it work?

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Adventure Time

Fun, hands on learning, brought to you by The Royal British Legion.